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Whether you’re an established artist or just creatively curious, our new Creative Studio Workshops offer a variety of technical skills and creative project instruction covering Textiles + Fashion, Fine Metals + Jewellery, Woodworking, Electronics and 2D/3D Fabrication.

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Artscape Daniels Launchpad unites creativity and entrepreneurship. A place for artists, designers and creators to connect. To collaborate. To find common ground. And to push their creative practice forward.

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Artscape Daniels Launchpad is an arts business hub that provides co-working studios, programs, services and support to help artist and designer entrepreneurs thrive.

We live in a time of great opportunity for artists, where the value of everything comes more and more from creative ideas, and less and less from materials and labour. The age of the creative entrepreneur is now. It’s time to shed the tired cliché of starving and suffering for your art. It’s time for creativity, which profits society so significantly, to start profiting the artist as well. Seize the moment; join the movement.

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