Our Team

Members will be supported by coaches who will help you develop a plan on how to take full advantage of what Artscape Daniels Launchpad has to offer. They will help you plug into programs, services, mentors and opportunities available within Launchpad and across Toronto. Our studio technicians are there to help you work through your ideas, bring your projects to life and facilitate collaborations.

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Valentina Mazze

Manager, Business Operations vmazze@artscape.ca

Mary Hodgett

Manager, Digital Solutions Project mhodgett@artscape.ca

Omer Ismael

Manager, Launchpad Programs oismael@artscape.ca

Patricia Yeboah

Manager, Launchpad Marketing pyeboah@artscape.ca

Nikki Cajucom

Coordinator, Launchpad Programs ncajucom@artscape.ca

Teya Zuzek

Coordinator, Launchpad Events tzuzek@artscape.ca

Helen Weston

Lead Studio Technician hweston@artscape.ca

Alex Wimbush

Studio Technician awimbush@artscape.ca

Hannah Cowan

Studio Technician hcowan@artscape.ca

Sonali Kallianpur

Studio Technician skallianpur@artscape.ca

Theresa Robertson

Studio Technician trobertson@artscape.ca

Anton Dyck

Studio Technician adyck@artscape.ca

Esther Phua

Member Advisor ephua@artscape.ca

Jenno Almasol

Member Advisor jalmasol@artscape.ca

Zahra Siddiqui

Member Advisor zsiddiqui@artscape.ca

Felipe Velasquez

Member Advisor fvelasquez@artscape.ca

Alaa Alba

Member Advisor aalba@artscape.ca

Natalie Tay

Assistant Manager, Partnerships & Corporate Memberships ntay@artscape.ca