Our Community

Artscape Daniels Launchpad is building a community of more than one thousand creators including visual artists, craft makers, performing artists, media creators, musicians, writers and designers of all type. A limited number of memberships will be made available to innovators in technology, science, manufacturing, creative industries and other fields to encourage cross-pollination of ideas. The community will also include dozens of coaches, mentors and corporate partners.

Program Alumni

View just a few of the creators who’ve taken our programs and learn first-hand what they got out of it and how they’re doing now.

Chris Ferreiras


“[Launchpad] instructors helped to shift our perspective. I really appreciated thinking about my art beyond the poetry and the magic, but also thinking about it as a form of labour that I can monetize and make a living doing.”

Fayola Wallace

Photography/Crochet & Beading/Visual and Applied Arts

“Being here for the week, I’ve learned about and received reminders about financing. I’ve learned about pricing and getting a sales pitch going. I’ve come out of it, not just enriched, but also with connections.”

Qais Pasha

Documentary Filmmaker

“It’s rare to be in the same room as people who are level as you, in terms of their business and being creatives. Talk to the people. Other than the fantastic things you’re going to learn, it’s making connections with the people around you.”


The innovators and change-seekers here to shake up the system, bridge worlds, and debunk industry misconceptions. They are your teachers, your ultimate external resource that help us to highlight the roles artists and designers play in the weaving of our society. Our facilitators shape our programs and lead our programs. Our facilitators serve as a resource to our program participants. Our facilitators are subject matter experts, who are aware of the intricacies of what it’s like to be a creative entrepreneur . Our facilitators not only foster relationships within our classrooms but also are the bridge between program participants and industry experts.

Launchpad facilitators collaborate with the Launchpad team to provide enriching learning experiences for members and program participants.

Neha Kohli

Improviser / Stand-up Comedian / CPA

As an improviser, sketch and stand-up comedian (graduate of The Second City’s Conservatory Program, select credits include “It’s Funny Because it’s Trudeau” and “Wack Mirror”), and CPA, Neha is passionate about entrepreneurship, the arts, and community building. She has worked at Deloitte LLP as an accountant for almost 5 years before realizing my true passion lay in helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and making people laugh.

Nikki Cajucom

Consultant, Youth Advocate, Creative Nurturer

Nikki’s passion for philanthropy, youth-led initiatives, interdisciplinary collaboration, and cultural pluralism informs her exploration of omnidirectional mentorship in future Toronto. Her trajectory in Toronto’s creative community as a trailblazer in culturally-competent programming and youth leadership has been cultivated by both the organic/community-based and formal/professional mentorship at Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture.

Kerry Swanson

Arts administrator, innovator

Kerry Swanson is a seasoned arts professional who has been leading change in Indigenous arts for fifteen years. She is a founding member of Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto, the Board Chair for imagineNative, and the past associate Director of Granting at the Ontario Arts Council where she designed and launched a $5 million annual Indigenous Culture fund in consultation with communities across the province.

A standout, key player in our community is La Mar Taylor of HXOUSE, who has partnered with us to create “No More Dreams,” an incubator/boot camp and career accelerator for emerging creative talent.

Our partnership is designed to push the creativity in you with the tools, resources and access to industry leading mentors and global brands.