Program Alumni

View just a few of the creators who’ve taken our programs and learn first-hand what they got out of it and how they’re doing now.

Chris Ferreiras


“[Launchpad] instructors helped to shift our perspective. I really appreciated thinking about my art beyond the poetry and the magic, but also thinking about it as a form of labour that I can monetize and make a living doing.”

Fayola Wallace

Photography/Crochet & Beading/Visual and Applied Arts

“Being here for the week, I’ve learned about and received reminders about financing. I’ve learned about pricing and getting a sales pitch going. I’ve come out of it, not just enriched, but also with connections.”

Qais Pasha

Documentary Filmmaker

“It’s rare to be in the same room as people who are level as you, in terms of their business and being creatives. Talk to the people. Other than the fantastic things you’re going to learn, it’s making connections with the people around you.”

Tara Farahani

Multidisciplinary Artist

“This experience was a humbling reminder that even our role models started somewhere. Fears and hesitations are a part of the journey, but with persistence and the ability to ask for help – look what we can create.”

Tracey Chamberlain


“I had this idea brewing, and I needed to connect with people to see if something I had was real. Where I thought I was and where I am now is different in one week. It’s made a huge impact. I will be going on to register the business, start with my business plan and in a month I will be a business that’s in production and working.”