Artscape Daniels Launchpad programs and workshops have been operating since 2014, and are currently being offered in locations across Southern Ontario.

Our programs are tailor-made to help creatives generate more income, build a business and protect their intellectual property, attract investment, achieve artistic goals, grow personally and professionally, enhance their communications and much more.

Our Philosophy and Objectives

Our programs are built on the idea that success comes by working and collaborating with others. The better able entrepreneurs are to work across boundaries, the more opportunities for cultural, community and commercial impact there are.

Our programs are the result of ten years of research and development and have benefitted from the input and involvement of over 100 partners.

Our participants reflect the cultural and disciplinary diversity of the creative sector. Our community is exploring new business models at the intersection of art, community, technology, and design.


Our programs are multi-day interdisciplinary sessions on what it takes to be a creative entrepreneur. This is not your typical entrepreneurship program. Each of our programs are designed to solve for the problems that creatives face when building more sustainable businesses.


Our workshops range from 2 hour to full-day sessions focused on a single discipline that provide new approaches and hands-on opportunities to try new things. Each of workshops are designed to maximize the expertise in the room and the experience including our participants from across the creative sector.

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