Artscape Launchpad equips creators with the tools, training, resources, mentorship, and connections needed to build sustainable businesses, including assistance with connecting to the marketplace. Success in the creative economy depends on other people. Our programs help creators build out the business side of their practice while developing the relationships they’ll need to succeed.

Our Philosophy and Objectives

Our programs are built on the idea that success comes by working and collaborating with others. The better able entrepreneurs are to work across boundaries, the more opportunities for cultural, community and commercial impact there are.

Our programs are the result of eight years of research and development and have benefitted from the input and involvement of over 100 partners.

Our participants reflect the cultural and disciplinary diversity of the creative sector. Our community is exploring new business models at the intersection of art, community, technology, and design.

What our programs offer you

Launchpad programs are aimed at helping creative entrepreneurs to succeed, but also supporting the arts to thrive in our communities more broadly. Launchpad programs support creators to approach learning, collaboration and entrepreneurship with generosity. Rather than working within traditional entrepreneurship models rooted in individual success and competition, Launchpad unlocks what is possible when creatives work together.

Signature Programs

Launchpad’s Signature Programs are 40-hour deep dives that ask creators to confront hard questions about the business side of their creative practice, identify allies that will move things forward, and practice new ways of organizing to get things done in a fast-moving and constantly-changing sector.


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