Fast Learn Weekend

Are you ready for an intense deep-dive into your creative business? Do you feel comfortable with the basics and want to go straight to the advanced questions?


At the moment we don’t have anything scheduled for this workshop – but check back soon!


This 2.5-day program is an intensive dive into the skills, resources, and relationships you need to transform the business side of your creative practice. Fast Learn Weekends assume a basic comfort with the concepts involved in building a creative business and gets right into the application of these ideas to your challenge. Fast Learn Weekends often focus on particular industry groups that arrive with a shared understanding of their industry landscape and at least a cursory appreciation of the challenges contained therein.

A Fast Learn Weekend will take you through the full Creative Entrepreneurship learning cycle so that you can build out the business side of your ideas or renew your existing business to respond to industry changes. The pace is fast and the expectation is that you will be ready to get your hands dirty and share openly with your fellow participants.

Note: Fast Learn Weekends are also an ideal environment for partners or small teams to participate together and to collectively identify opportunities and challenges.


• Increased overall speed and impact of project initiatives

• New insights and solutions using a new toolkit to help you and your team(s) think collaboratively and work on projects together

• Map and plan to generate new revenue and new markets for your work

• Confidence to share your ideas with familiar and unfamiliar audiences

• Industry relationships to accelerate growth

• Understanding of how different relationships and activities make up your overall business while keeping your creative practice in the centre

• Better identification of who you are trying to serve and their needs

• Approaches to developing and nurturing the relationships you need to succeed

• Support systems and a group of peer learners to work with going forward