Adapt: The Future of Your Creative Work

Are you confused about where to start your creative career? Interested to start earning money from what you make?


At the moment we don’t have anything scheduled for this workshop – but check back soon!


The stories we tell about careers are increasingly distant from reality. Rather than moving through a series of jobs, young creators must assemble a career out of projects, roles, and professional development. Sometimes things are busy and money is easy. Other times things will be harder. Making good choices about how to organize work and choose opportunities will provide creative fulfillment and economic stability.Surviving in the gig economy will require different ways of organizing and working to thrive. We cannot rely on old approaches to creative work and this 40-hour program is designed for emerging professionals and entrepreneurs in the creative sector looking to turn a creative practice into a way of making money and impact.

This program will build capacity in young entrepreneurs to be successful now and in the future. Connections to fellow participants, industry champions, mentors, and other experts will provide relevant learning and long-term relationships necessary to thrive. Success in the creative economy depends on other people, and opportunities to apply knowledge with other learners will lay a framework for future collaboration outside of the creator’s current circle.

An interdisciplinary cohort allows for unexpected collisions to emerge, and for projects that address opportunities outside the creative field.

This program is centred around 3 central themes:

• Interconnections: Creators must balance commercial objectives with non-commercial artistic, social and personal priorities. Mixed-economy business models require building strong connections inside and outside the sector.

• Digital Creativity: Digital changes how creative work is made and shared. Creators need to strategically and continuously manage how they work to adapt to changes in technology and markets.

• Inclusivity: Diversity is a quality of life and creators must understand and leverage diversity in their work and collaborations.


• Develop a plan to make better decisions about projects and next steps in advancing financial and creative goals.

• Apply new approaches to collaborating and organizing.

• Prototype to test ideas quickly and avoid wasting time and resources.

• Tell their story in a way that inspires participation and commitment.