Here you’ll find bookable, fully-equipped state-of-the-art Textiles + Fashion, Fine metals + Jewellery, Woodworking, Digital Fabrication and Electronics studios where you can experiment, play and produce things no one has ever seen before.

Textiles + Fashion Studio

A studio for research and development for use by both fashion and textile designers. The studio is fully equipped with tools for fashion design and sample production, as well as providing access to a variety of textile fabrication and surface design equipment and general-use space so you can spread out and work on independent projects.

Fine Metals + Jewellery Studio

A studio where all things original come into form. Due to the individualistic nature of jewellery making, the room is arranged with work benches and support equipment, including a hot room.

Woodworking Studio

Where you can work with the grain and bring your ideas to fruition. This studio is meant to support the work of all members to create and break down a variety of materials, to contribute to projects in other studios. Hello big ticket CNC machine.

Digital Fabrication Studio

This clean studio is linked with the woodworking and electronics studios, providing equipment to enable the quick development of prototypes and products using laser cutters and 3D printers. The workshop is the modern equivalent of the traditional woodworking shop and brings together the streams of digital and handmade object creation.

Electronics and Hardware Studio

This studio is where electronic systems and hardware can be developed and prototyped. The space is directly connected to the Woodworking and Digital Fabrication Studio and will allow for seamless cross-pollination of these linked activities. Create a new wearable, immersive environment or reactive hardware!