Grow: Leadership and Scale for the Creative Business

Do you want to take your creative business to the next level? Are you missing out on opportunities due to questions of scale and size?


At the moment we don’t have anything scheduled for this workshop – but check back soon!


This 1-day workshop offers the time and support to think long-term about your creative business. Case studies and applied models will stress-test the next moves you need to make. Working in community with other creators offers the benefit of lessons learned and a community to lean on moving forward. It can be difficult to look at your business objectively and this workshop will support personal reflection and multiple outside perspectives.

Digital solutions and globalization supports any number of new ways to organize creative work. Working with what we know can limit potential for growth. Experimenting with new ways of working can reduce risk and increase economic potential.

You will practice creating conditions for new approaches to succeed and reflecting on current routines and approaches to see if they are still a good fit.

Topics will include organizational design, partnerships, mixed business models, contracting, incorporation and intellectual property.


• Roadmap for next steps to grow your business

• Viability testing before spending time, money, or energy developing something that isn’t likely to succeed

• Connections to innovators across the creative sector looking to adapt to related challenges

• Timely experts to illuminate emerging issues across creative disciplines