Hustle: Diverse Revenue Streams for the Creative Business

Are you living ‘project to project’ and worried about what comes next? Interested in a more resilient business model to reduce uncertainty?


At the moment we don’t have anything scheduled for this workshop – but check back soon!


This 1-day workshop is a fast-paced and hands-on opportunity to explore different ways to make money through your creative practice and develop some approaches to making it happen.

Diverse revenue streams can make creative work less precarious and developing multiple sources of support can help enterprises and entrepreneurs through fluctuations in business activity.

You will be exposed to recent innovations in how revenue is generated and have opportunities to apply the ideas to your own specific challenges as part of a community of learners. You will practice creating conditions for new approaches to succeed and reflecting on current routines and approaches to see if they are still a good fit.

Topics will include cross-sector business models, grant writing, licensing, adjacent industries, direct revenue, as well as financial and legal questions.


• Opportunities to diversify revenue through different sources and approaches

• Viability testing before spending time, money, or energy developing something that isn’t likely to succeed

• Connections to innovators across the creative sector looking to adapt to related challenges

• Strategy to approach different stakeholders

• Timely experts to illuminate emerging issues across creative disciplines